Premium Beer, Addictive Pizza and Rock & Roll


24 taps that change on a regular basis, as a keg empties we tap something new. Real time, dynamic, digital beer boards convey the current list and applicable information related to each beer. We’re pouring anything that’s delicious but we’re steering clear of the mainstream.


Innovative and unpretentious, Beer Revolution pizzas are made with Italy’s best 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes and premium meat and cheese. Our pizzas are rolled thin and brick baked at 700 degrees.


Rock and Roll of all generations. From the Rolling Stones to Kings of Leon, Beer Revolution is the place to hear rock’s best hits. Tweet us with any song requests and we’ll be sure to add them to the rotation.


Truepour is Beer Revolution’s uncompromised commitment to beer quality. We are committed to only serving beer from meticulously sterilized beer lines. Beer Revolution beer lines are always clean and our beer is always fresh. Anything less would be unacceptable.

beer board

Current Draft Beer List - Our beer list changes every day.Check back often to see what's on tap.

BELCHING BEAVERDam Good Decade Terps IPAFeb 046.9%5 days12oz $9.25 | $6.15CA
BLINDMANRed Wine Barrel Aged BarleywineFeb 0213.6%5 days12oz $8.00 | $5.40AB
BLINDMANNITRO Coffee StoutFeb 024.8%4 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
BLINDMANConversations Rosemary Grapefruit SeltzerFeb 024.3%7 days$8.00 | $4.00AB
BLINDMANSaison Lacombe: AutumneFeb 025.8%4 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMAN*RANDALL* Dry-Hop Kettle Sour w/ GooseberriesFeb 024.5%5 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMANDream Machine Mexican LagerFeb 024.7%7 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
BLINDMAN24-2 Brett Stock AleFeb 27.6%3 days$9 | $4.5AB
BLINDMANNew England Pale AleFeb 025.5%4 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMANNITRO Triphammer Robust PorterFeb 026.5%4 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMANJacki's Black Forest Birthday StoutFeb 0211.0%3 days12oz $8.00 | $5.40AB
BLINDMANKnobb Creek Barrel Aged Imperial StoutFeb 0211.6%3 days12oz $8.50 | $5.70AB
BLINDMANMultiple Transmitters Dortmunder LagerFeb 025.5%4 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMANAndrew's KolschFeb 025.2%5 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMANWheat WineFeb 0210.0%5 days12oz $8.00 | $5.40AB
BLINDMAN5 Of Diamonds PilsnerFeb 024.8%3 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
BLINDMANFRUIT! SourFeb 24.5%3 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BREWSTERSOriginal LagerFeb 045.0%N/A$7.50 | $3.75AB
BREWSTERS52nd Street Peach AleFeb 45.0%N/A$7.50 | $3.75AB
DANDYBaltus Van Tassel Cherry SourFeb 047.0%3 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
FITZSIMMONSMariachi el Hazy Coconut IPAFeb 046.9%TODAY$8.00 | $4.00AB
SIERRA NEVADASunny Lil' Thing Citrus Wheat AleJan 265.0%3 days$8.75 | $4.40CA
SOMETHINGDark Side SchwarzbierFeb 025.0%6 days$8.00 | $4.00AB
SYCClock Out LagerJan 284.4%TODAY$8.00 | $4.00AB

Current Bottle Beer List

BELLY HOPRhinelander German AltbierFeb 035.0%7 days$9.00AB
BLINDMANIchorus Imperial StoutFeb 0311.0%5 days$9.00AB
BLINDMANQueen Nectarine Barrel Aged SaisonFeb 026.9%TODAY$14.00AB
BLINDMANStrawberry Fruited SaisonFeb 026.8%4 days$15.75AB
BLINDMANMidsummer Mixed BlendFeb 28.3%TODAY$13.00AB
BLINDMANSymbiotic Symphony Spiced SaisonFeb 026.0%5 days$14.00AB
BLINDMANExquisite Corpse SaisonFeb 25.9%4 days$13.50AB
OFFSHOOTReveal DIPAFeb 48.3%7 days$9.75CA

Bottle Shop - Take these selections home with you

BELLY HOPRhinelander German Altbier5.0%473$6.00AB
BELCHING BEAVERPeanut Butter Milk Stout5.3%355$5.50CA
BOOMBOXWizard Made NEIPA7.00%473$6.50BC
BREVY6-Packs: Lemon Lime, Saskatoon Berry Lemon, Pink Grapefruit5.0%355$13.99AB
BREWSTERSOh My Quad! Belgian Quadruple10.10%355$AB
BREWSTERSVarious 6-PacksNA355$13.99AB
BROKEN SPOKECider-ita4.3%473$6.25AB
CABINSuper Saturation NEPA6.0%473$5.99AB
CAMPIOTart Brett Saison9.7%500$11.25AB
DESTIHLCherry Pie Sour4.9%355$5.50IL
FLATLANDERCrisp Apple Cider4.50%355$6.50SK
HANSSENSOude Geuze6.0%375$9.99BEL
LEFT HANDNitro Milk Stout6.0%473$5.50CO
PHILLIPSIota Non-Alc Hazy IPA0.5%355$5.50BC
PHILLIPSIota Non-Alc Pilsner0.1%355$5.50BC
REBELLIONOrigin Imperial Milk Chocolate Stout9.0%473$6.50SK
TWIN SAILSThrowin' Shade Hazy Pale Ale5.1%473$4.25AB
UNCOMMONSweetwood Mac Cider5.9%473$6.75AB
WINTERLONGGuilt Trip Barleywine9.0%473$6.75YT
BLINDMANYear 7 Belgian Dark Strong8.0%500$8.25AB
BLINDMANQueen Nectarine Barrel Aged Saison6.9%500$11.00AB
BLINDMANElijah Craig Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout11.6%355$8.75AB
BLINDMANStrawberry Fruited Saison6.8%500$12.75AB
BLINDMANMidsummer Mixed Blend8.3%500$10.00AB
BLINDMANSymbiotic Symphony Spiced Saison6.0%500$11.00AB
BLINDMANIchorus Imperial Stout11.0%355$6.00AB
BLINDMANVestige Barrel Aged Cherry Ale5.1%500$9.00AB
BLINDMANExquisite Corpse Saison5.9%500$10.00AB
Mixed Packs!Chimay, Innis & Gunn, Yukon - Ask Your Server!$



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Open for dine in service, patio service, take-out and Skip the Dishes delivery.

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