Premium Beer, Addictive Pizza and Rock & Roll


24 taps that change on a regular basis, as a keg empties we tap something new. Real time, dynamic, digital beer boards convey the current list and applicable information related to each beer. We’re pouring anything that’s delicious but we’re steering clear of the mainstream.


Innovative and unpretentious, Beer Revolution pizzas are made with Italy’s best 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes and premium meat and cheese. Our pizzas are rolled thin and brick baked at 700 degrees.


Rock and Roll of all generations. From the Rolling Stones to Kings of Leon, Beer Revolution is the place to hear rock’s best hits. Tweet us with any song requests and we’ll be sure to add them to the rotation.


Truepour is Beer Revolution’s uncompromised commitment to beer quality. We are committed to only serving beer from meticulously sterilized beer lines. Beer Revolution beer lines are always clean and our beer is always fresh. Anything less would be unacceptable.

beer board

Current Draft Beer List - Our beer list changes every day.Check back often to see what's on tap.

ALESMITHPorterSep 277.5%5 days12oz $9.75 | $6.5CA
ALLEY KATPumpkin Pie Spiced AleSep 245.4%7 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BELCHING BEAVERDeftones Ceremony Double Dry Hopped IPASep 236.5%2 days12oz $9.25 | $6.25CA
BREWSTERS52nd Street Peach AleSep 275.0%N/A$7.50 | $3.75AB
BREWSTERSOriginal LagerSep 275.0%N/A$7.50 | $3.75AB
BREWSTERSHonest Paul IPASep 186.5%TODAY$7.75 | $3.9AB
CABINLuminosity German PilsSep 235.3%2 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
DELTAInductive IPASep 225.6%TODAY$8.00 | $4AB
E9Last Truck to Clarksville Wild AleSep 195.9%TODAY12oz $9.99 | $6.7WA
FAHRMunich DunkelweizenSep 165.3%TODAY$8.00 | $4AB
FERNIEWhat The Huck! Huckleberry AleSep 235.0%2 days$8.50 | $4.25BC
FOUR WINDSHuft Gold German PilsnerSep 275.00%7 days$8 | $4BC
HACKER-PSCHORRMunich Gold LagerSep 215.5%TODAY$9.00 | $4.5GER
IRRATIONALElliptic Tangerine Passionfruit Apricot SourSep 248.00%2 days12oz $8.50 | $5.7AB
MEDICINE HATGentlemans StoutSep 157.0%TODAY$8.25 | $4.15AB
OMENKnight Rye-Der RoggenbierSep 166.0%TODAY$8.35 | $4.25AB
OMENLitrehozen MarzenSep 225.8%TODAY$8.75 | $4.15AB
PRAIRIE DOGTail Twitcher American IPASep 276.6%5 days$8.00 | $4.00AB
RED HARTNitro English MildSep 233.5%5 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
SIDING 14Lychee Kettle SourSep 234.5%2 days$8.75 | $4.4AB
SIERRA NEVADASunny Lil' Thing Citrus Wheat AleSep 225.0%5 days12oz $8.75 | $5.35CA
THE ESTABLISHMENTMiddle Child Czech Amber LagerSep 234.4%6 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
VILLAGEBinge Watch New Zealand Pale AleSep 224.5%4 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
XHALEMates for Life Coffee British Golden AleSep 215.3%3 days$8.25 | $4.15AB

Current Bottle Beer List

AECHTSchlenkerla Eiche Vintage 2017Sep 178.0%2 days$15.75GER
AYINGEROktoberfest MarzenSep 175.0%TODAY$9.00GER
BENT STICKWizard's Reserve Brett Saison Vol. 1Sep 87.0%2 days$11.50AB
BLIND ENTHUSIASM/SEA CHANGEMixed Multiple Entendres Mixed FermentationSep 86.0%2 days$13.50AB
CONTAINERPour Les Mineurs GrisetteSep 133.2%5 days$8.50BC
EVIL TWINRetro Series: Ryan The Beaster Bunny SaisonSep 137.0%4 days$10.50NY
GRIZZLY PAWBenji's Brew Session IPASep 103.9%2 days$8.50AB
SYCThe Little Things Cold IPASep 236.5%3 days$8.50AB

Bottle Shop - Take these selections home with you

AECHTSchlenkerla Eiche Vintage 20178.00%500$12.75GER
ANNEXSponsored Content Flanders Red7.20%500$9.50AB
ANNEX/XHALESeventyEIght Lager-Saison Co-Ferment5.10%473$5.75AB
AYINGEROktoberfest Marzen5.00%500$7.50GER
BEEREEven Cowgirls Get The Bluebs Sour5.7%473$6.75BC
BEEREMore Coffee Less Talky Stout4.50%473$6.25BC
BELCHING BEAVERPeanut Butter Milk Stout5.3%355$5.50CA
BENT STICKWizards Reserve Saison7.0%500$6.50AB
BLACK BRIDGEEclectic Berry Mixed Ferment Sour5.80%500$12.25SK
BLIND ENTHUSIASMWorking Overtime Brandy Barrel Aged Lager9.90%375$10.50AB
BLIND ENTHUSIASM/SEA CHANGEMixed Multiple Entendres Mixed Fermentation6.00%375$10.50AB
BLINDMANYear 7 Belgian Dark Strong8.0%500$8.25AB
BLOOD BROTHERSAuto Pop Cherry Cola Sour4.00%473$6.99ON
BREVY BREWSTERS6-Packs: Lemon Lime, Saskatoon Berry Lemon, Pink Grapefruit5.00%355$12.99AB
BREWSTERSVarious 6-PacksNA355$12.99AB
CABINSuper Saturation NEPA6.0%473$5.99AB
CONTAINERPour Les Mineurs Grisette3.2%473$5.99BC
DANDYHop Cretin DIPA8.1%473$6.25AB
EVIL TWINRetro Series: Ryan The Beaster Bunny Saison7.0%473$8.50NY
FLATLANDERMango Cider4.5%355$6.99SK
GRAIN BINThunder Under Dopplebock9.0%473$6.50AB
GOOD ROBOTTropical Storm Nectatron IPA7.0%473$6.00NS
GRIZZLY PAWBenji's Brew Session IPA3.9%473$5.50AB
METARadiant Rauchbier5.0%355$5.80AB
MOODY ALESPhantasm Sauvignon Blanc Hazy IPA6.8%473$6.99AB
OMENOH-BEEHAVE Gluten Free Honey Ale5.0%473$6.25AB
PHILLIPSIota Non-Alc Hazy IPA0.5%355$5.50BC
PHILLIPSIota Non-Alc Pilsner0.1%355$5.50BC
SEVENCucumber Mint Seltzer5.0%355$5.00AB
SNAKE LAKEWest Coast IPA NO.17.8%473$5.85AB
STRATHCONALove Buzz Mandarin Mango Sour9.0%473$6.50BC
SUNNY CIDERSaskatoon Apple Cider6.0%473$6.50AB
SYCThe Little Things Cold IPA8.5%473$6.50AB
VERHAGHEDuchesse De Bourgogne6.2%330$6.50BEL
YUKONNZ Hoppy Pale Ale5.0%473$8.75YK
METARadiant Rauchbier5.0%355$5.80AB
BEEREMore Coffee Less Talky Stout4.5%473$6.25BC
PHILLIPSBenefit Brew Mango ISA4.6%355$5.50BC



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Hours of Operation

Open for dine in service, patio service, take-out and Skip the Dishes delivery.

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