Premium Beer, Addictive Pizza and Rock & Roll


24 taps that change on a regular basis, as a keg empties we tap something new. Real time, dynamic, digital beer boards convey the current list and applicable information related to each beer. We’re pouring anything that’s delicious but we’re steering clear of the mainstream.


Innovative and unpretentious, Beer Revolution pizzas are made with Italy’s best 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes and premium meat and cheese. Our pizzas are rolled thin and brick baked at 550 degrees.


Rock and Roll of all generations. From the Rolling Stones to Kings of Leon, Beer Revolution is the place to hear rock’s best hits. Tweet us with any song requests and we’ll be sure to add them to the rotation.


Truepour is Beer Revolution’s uncompromised commitment to beer quality. We are committed to only serving beer from meticulously sterilized beer lines. Beer Revolution beer lines are always clean and our beer is always fresh. Anything less would be unacceptable.

beer board

Current Draft Beer List - Our beer list changes every day.Check back often to see what's on tap.

4 DOGSZen's Great Dane StoutFeb 214.7%7 days$8.50 | $4.25BC
ANALOGWyrd Beer: Curry Me Flavor Thai Yellow Curry Smoothy IPAFeb 115.9%4 days$9.50 | $4.75AB
ANNEXSummer Somewhere Pacific AleFeb 144.6%3 days$8.75 | $4.40AB
BENT STICKYacht Espresso Martini StoutFeb 217.0%5 days$9.00 | $4.50AB
BLINDMANCommunity CiderFeb 86.0%TODAY$8.75 | $4.40AB
BLINDMANTriphammer Robust PorterFeb 166.5%6 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
BLINDMAN24-2 Brett Stock AleFeb 167.3%3 days$9.25 | $4.65AB
BREWSTERSOriginal LagerFeb 235.0%N/A$7.75 | $3.90AB
BREWSTERS52nd Street Peach AleFeb 235.0%N/A$7.75 | $3.90AB
BREWSTERSHammerhead Red AleFeb 165.0%3 days$7.75 | $3.90AB
BYHENDOLime Tequila Margarita CocktailFeb 157.0%3 days$5oz8.75 | $N/AAB
DRIFTWOODFat Tug IPAFeb 207.0%6 days$8.75 | $4.4BC
EIGHTY EIGHTCassette LagerFeb 184.8%5 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
FOLDING MOUNTAINMount Solomon Session Hazy IPAFeb 165.0%6 days$9.00 | $4.50AB
HACKER-PSCHORRMunich Gold LagerFeb 175.5%5 days$9.00 | $4.50GER
LEDUCSundog Hazy Pale AleFeb 174.0%4 days$8.25 | $4.15AB
NEW LEVELValkyrie Blackberry AleFeb 185.5%4 days$8.50 | $4.25AB
NEW LEVEL CASK @5PMChai Tea LagerFeb 234.5%TODAY$7.25 | $3.65AB
OMENHoney BrownFeb 225.0%7 days$8.75 | $4.40AB
ROGUEHoney KolschFeb 235.0%7 days$9.25 | $4.65OR
SAWBACKDouble IPAFeb 158.2%6 days12oz $8.25 | $5.50AB
TOOL SHED (NON ALC)Zero Red RageFeb 190.5%7 days$8.00 | $4.00AB
TOWN SQUAREAvalanche Avenger Juicy Pale AleFeb 145.5%TODAY$8.75 | $4.40AB
TOWN SQUAREPeach Sangria White Tea SourFeb 205.5%6 days$8.75 | $4.40AB

Current Bottle Beer List

ALLEY KATSix O'Clocker LagerFeb 145.0%2 days$9.25AB
BANISHEDOccasionally Hazy IPAFeb 096.0%3 days$10.50NL
DREKKEREctogasm IPAFeb 157.0%7 days$12.25ND
NWT/FIELD & FORGESolidarity Harvest AleFeb 095.0%6 days$9.50NWT/AB
REFINED FOOLFat Baby Continually Hopped IPAFeb 086.0%6 days$10.25ON
TRIAL & ALECordial Invitation Barrel-Aged Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale w/ CherryFeb 225.5%7 days$10.00AB
VOCATIONLife & Death Classsic IPAFeb 146.5%3 days$9.00AB
WOODWARDBlue Tractor Dry CiderFeb 185.9%7 days$10.75BC

Bottle Shop - Take these selections home with you

ALLEY KATSix O'Clocker Lager5.0%473$5.25AB
ANCHORAGEYou Got Guts New England IPA6.4%473$8.75AK
ARCADIAGo Back To The West Coast IPA6.0%473$5.75AB
BANISHEDOccasionally Hazy IPA6.0%473$6.50NL
BEERELet It Rip Double Dry Hopped IPA6.9%473$6.75BC
BELCHING BEAVERPeanut Butter Milk Stout5.3%355$5.50CA
BLIND ENTHUSIASMThe Business Brandy-Aged Dark Lager9.0%500$11.00AB
BREVY6-Packs: Lemon Lime, Saskatoon Berry Lemon, Pink Grapefruit5.0%355$14.99AB
BREWSTERS6-Packs: Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, Red, Lager, IPA'sN/A355$14.99AB
BUMPER CROPMountain Pear Cider7.0%355$4.25BC
CABINSuper Saturation NEPA6.0%473$5.99AB
CABINBarrel-Aged Night Kitchen Eggnog Stout9.0%500$12.00AB
CONTAINERDepths of Joy Dark Fruit Sour5.0%473$5.75BC
DREKKEREctogasm IPA7.0%473$8.25ND
FUGGLESSuper Power Pom Sour5.5%473$5.50BC
GLUTENBERG (GF)Blonde Ale4.5%473$6.00QC
GLUTENBERG (GF)Session IPA4.5%473$6.00QC
GLUTENBERG (GF)Stout4.5%473$6.00QC
GREEN'S (GF)Amber Ale6.0%330$5.75BEL
GRIZZLY PAWThe Philosopher Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout9.6%473$7.50AB
LAGABIERENice N'Hazy Pale Ale5.5%473$5.50QC
NOVAGin Passionfruit5.5%355$5.25AB
NOVAVodka Dragon Fruit Lime5.5%355$5.25AB
NWT/FIELD & FORGESolidity Harvest Ale5.0%473$5.50NWT/AB
PHILLIPS (NON ALC)IOTA Pilsner0.5%355$4.00BC
REFINED FOOLFat Baby Continually Hopped IPA6.0%473$6.25ON
SNAKE LAKE6th Anniversary Pineapple, Peach, Guava Sour6.0%750$15.75AB
SEA CHANGECrobot Barrel Raged Imperial Stout9.5%355$7.25AB
TRIAL & ALEA Cordial Invitation Barrel-Aged Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale w/ Cherries6.9%473$6.00AB
TRUE NORTHRaspberry Dry Hopped Cider6.5%473$6.00AB
VILLAGE (NON ALC)CRFT Blonde Ale0.3%473$4.75AB
VILLAGE (NON ALC)CRFT Pale Ale0.4%473$4.75AB
VOCATIONLife & Death Classic IPA6.5%330$5.00ENG
WOODWARDBlue Tractor Dry Cider5.9%473$6.75BC



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